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Is your dream to relocate or invest in Samara Costa Rica?

Our knowledge, local expertise and solid network allow us to help you realize your real estate goals and dreams in Costa Rica. 

Our communication is comprehensive and transparent. We will work with you to understand your needs, requests, and personal lifestyle in order to introduce you to properties that fit your criteria and needs.

With excellent relationships in Samara, we often work with other Real Estate Agencies in and around Samara, and we would be honored to be your official buyer agent in Costa Rica, to help you find the perfect property. 

By offering a full set of Real Estate Services, our goal is to guide you through every step of your Costa Real Estate Journey by providing you with all the necessary information to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Our Partner Services

Modern house design and construction

Design & Construction:

Looking to buy land and build your dream property in Samara? We’ll connect you with local architects and builders who will provide you with professional advice and support. Meeting them on site at your future plot of land will enable you to envision your newly constructed home and help confirm your making the best choice – prior to moving forward.

Property management - Take a rest on the beach

Rentals & Property Management:

Don’t’ miss the opportunity to buy a rental income generating property in Samara. Meeting an experienced and professional property manager will give you peace of mind on your decision to invest. He can take care of your property, advertise on the Internet, book and welcome your guests.

Lawyer and attorney at Samara real estate

Lawyer & Notary Services:

An experienced and trustworthy lawyer is the key to a successful real estate purchase. Our experience in real estate transactions has led us to select the best professional lawyers in Costa Rica who can assist you throughout the buying process and beyond, and can also help submit your residency application.

Insurance billboard for your house. Samara real estate


Your new investment is valuable, and you need to protect it. We’ll be happy to connect you with an insurance broker who offers a variety of home, car and health insurances.

after sale service billboard

After Sale Service

Once you’re the new owner of your dream property, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions about transferring utility accounts, where to pay them, how to open a bank account, etc…. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone – we pride ourselves in “Service after the Sale” and will be here to assist you following your purchase.

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Still have question, please feel free to read our General information Guide about Buying a Property in Costa Rica and always
please contact us with any questions.

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