Nathalie Rebourg

Owner of Pacific Homes Costa Rica

Originally from France, I’ve lived in Sámara, Costa Rica since 2007 and I’m now a permanent resident of Costa Rica and a member of the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR). I have a Master’s degree in International Finance and Managerial Accounting and I’m also fluent in English and Spanish. In France, I worked for 10 years as a Managerial Accountant in financial departments of various international companies. In Costa Rica, I built and managed a hotel with my husband for the past 10 years and was also involved in personal real estate’s projects.

I’ve always loved traveling around the world with my husband, looking for new experiences. Travel after travel, we both felt we were not happy anymore in our “well-ordered life”, thinking more and more about how life could be, living in a tropical country and managing our own lodge instead of being stuck in offices and meetings all the day long (my husband was also working in the same domain).

12 years ago, we decided to leave France and move to Costa Rica. We immediately fell in love with the country, its landscapes and friendly people. After travelling around the country we headed to Playa Samara. As soon as we arrived, we were convinced that Playa Sámara was really THE place to live. It was exactly what we had expected for our new life, a charming and little developed beach town! We bought a piece of land and started from scratch! My husband and I took charge in the design and building project of our hotel, working with a team of 17 people for over a year. We were also in charge of its promotion and management for over 10 years. Even though it was not easy, 10 years ago, to hold this kind of project alone, it had been a very exciting and enriching experience! All these years, I loved welcoming my guests, placing emphasis on the quality of our services and guest’s satisfaction. While managing our hotel, we also started several real estate projects. First, our own residential home and then residential projects for re-sale. I also loved to advise my guests who were looking for a property in Sámara so I was actually always involved in real estate!

After a successful story of 10 years we decided to move on to new projects and so we sold our hotel. It was natural for us to keep going on the way we liked to, with my husband in charge of designing and building projects and myself helping people finding their new dream home! I took the training courses offered by the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) and I’m now affiliated with the same Chamber. Enriched in my own experience, I would love to help you with your real estate project, by offering the same level of service and professionalism I used to give to my hotel guests and by sharing with you, my knowledge of the real estate market. Whatever your real estate project is, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m ready to help you!